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Health Restrictions and Lake Taal Tour


Wearing face mask outside is not obligatory anymore since a week but voluntarily. Wearing masks Inside buildings depends on the local goverment and the building owner. QR codes has been abolished except in Sagada. We are not allowed to use our own car anymore to bring our guests to the varied spots in Sagada and we need to book one night accomodation in Sagada to be able to visit the sight seeing spots in Sagada. These rules are not meant to limit heath risks but to control the number of tourists. On summer days Sagada can be extremely crowded.

Unfortunately you still need to be vaccinated plus booster to be able to enter the Philippines. Or if no boostered you need to have  a negative pcrtest test. And you need still to fill in the onehealthpass.

This blog is meant to give you an update about the health restrictions. This is by no means considered complete as more and more restrictions are eased or some area’s just became more restrictive. Philippines is a big country and local governments can apply their own set of rules which makes it very complicated to be complete and correct. The tendency however is that the restrictions are eased.
Just recently the prc test from country of origin and insurance for covid 2019 usd 35000.00 has been abolished.

But all visitors need to apply for which the government suggest to fill this up at least one day before departure. Here you have to upload your vaccination details plus booster and here are mentioned specific requirements. If no booster than you still need to show a negative pcr or negative antigeen test although this is not mentioned so specifically. 

You may check with the Philippine embassy in your country. At the moment within the Philippines you still need a so called QR code( an administartive procedure but most important requirement beside fully vaccinated is that you have to have booked accomodation at your destination in advance. This applies to El nido, Boracay and Sagada. This list might not be complete .Than not all sites, attractions can be visited such as sagada caves, rappelling in moalboal.

Taal crater lake can not be visited and the trail is off limites. as the volcano is still restive. The whole area is forbidden and you may come only closer by hiring a kayak, otherwise you can see the Taal volcano from a distance by booking a Tagaytay tour.

” At the moment also the following daytours are not running: hidden valley, and corregidor island daytour” ” Or the alternative is to book a mount pinatubo tour which is relative expensive as its located 130 km from manila and a 4×4 on the spot has to be hired plus all kind of government fees has to be paid.

Pinatubo 4x4

Facemask is still a requirement in and outside but especially in the province people do not follow this rule anymore though you might risk a fine varying from php 500-1000 pesos.

You might just look around to check the situation on the spot.

All prices mentioned on our website can be used as a guideline. In the Philippines prices went up drastically and there is still no end in sight.  You may sent an email to to double check our pricing. 

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