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Duration: 12 Hours

A mid-end SUV with your personal driver will take you anywhere you wish to go within Luzon, the main island of the Philippines. Pickup in Manila, drop-off in Manila. Maximum 3 persons with limited luggage or 4 persons with more baggage.

The rate is all-inclusive, the driver pays for toll-fees, fuel, his own food and his own lodging. The car is available 24 hours and you can make multi-day trips. The driving time is limited to 12 hours per day to ensure the driver takes enough rest. A drop off e.g. in Banaue and other destinations with driving time beyond 6 hours one way counts for 2 days as the driver needs to drive back next day to Manila without passengers.

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Private mid-end SUV with personal driver all-inclusive for 12 Hours Service

From: 9,000.00

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The driver will contact you on this phone number. Our tour coordinator can be reached at (+63) (0)917 886 43 86 from 7AM – 8PM Philippine time.

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