We are Good on What we are Doing!

I visited Palawan a month ago and just came back from Boracay, Cebu and Bohol covering most of all our inquiries which routing i check out every now and then. If there are ( major) changes we have to go back again.  Knowledge is based on our own travel experiences, availble info, feedback of the customers and social media. We never had a negative review about our choices of hotels, resorts and suggested itinerary. 


Nagtabon Beach Palawan

We visited about 95% of resorts we are offering. In generally we can defend all our choices of places to stay. We also keep in mind the policies, service of the hotels/ resorts.

Trustworthiness needs time and being 26 years in business should answer this sufficient. All our staff have at least 15 years experience and also have been around in the Philippines

Prices depends more on the choices of hotels and if tours are private. 

I dare to say that in the end you will be better off with us than booking all yourself. Eg if you book thru klook your  transportation  is  always non refundable. With us if not used its fully refundable unless its a no show and possibly minus some minor admin charges. 

You will also not find out that there a ferry between Oslob and Panglao Island and routes of certain airlines you cannot find easily online  eg Bohol to El nido.  Also locations of hotels/ resorts are hard to find out, how far from airport, ferry, tours beach etc.  Eg Dusitt hotel on mactan island is very far from everything. Or hotels in cebu city are a 2 hours drive during the day from the Mactan airport.  

And if booked a resort between boatstation 1 and 3  in Boracay is not the best   idea knowing this is by far the busiest area. I can continue with examples. 

Also el nido is overrated. Most vloggers and bloggers favor Busuanga island instead.  And i can continue whats there to know….