White Beach Mindoro Philippines

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is located about 130 km south from Manila. Batangas pier the getaway to this area of Mindoro is a 1,5 – 2,5 hour drive from Manila depending on where in Manila you depart from and traffic situations. At the Batangas pier you can take a one hour bangka ride going directly to Sabang, Puerto Galera and white beach. The schedules vary depending on number of passengers and weather. Usually bangka’s going to Tanauan beach and Talipanan beach go via white beach. Sikat provides a package including bus and ferry from manila and departs daily at 830 am from city state hotel in ermita and cost Php 912.00 one way. Tickets can be obtained in our office in Manila. We can provide a car or minivan going to Batangas pier for Php 4000.00 per way all inclusive (link). A private boat going to Mindoro starts with php 4000.00 per way. If you don’t prearrange your booking expect hassle with fixers, commissionaires and porters upon arrival at the Batangas pier and in Mindoro.

White Beach Shoreline with tourist Mindoro Philippines

White Beach Shoreline with tourist Mindoro Philippines

The best beach is Tanuan beach but white beach and the quite Talipanan beach are not bad either. White beach is the most popular among locals and crowded beach especially in the summer when locals are on holiday. Banana boating is the main activity here.

The best place to stay on Tanauan beach is Sunset beach resort and favored by expats from Manila.  The best and most expensive resort on Talipanan beach and probably in the whole area is Infinity resort. Here is also the quite famous Italian Restaurant, Luca located. 

Sabang Puerto Galera Mindoro

Sabang Puerto Galera Mindoro

Sabang is the busiest town as many diving schools are set up here and there is nightlife. Sabang is a crowded not so clean town and drives obviously on divers. Accommodation in Sabang varies a lot from very cheap places to higher end hotels and are mostly typical diving resorts. The area offers many great and varied diving opportunities and reason for divers to go here.

Puerto Galera and surroundings offers fantastic look out points if you walk around in the mountains area but you need a guide. Puerto Galera has a beautiful natural harbor giving the sailing yachts protection from the rough seas and some sailing fanatics settled down here. Sailing boats are for rent and you can check our sailing package here Sailing in Puerto Galerea.

The secluded Coco beach resort near Puerto Galera harbor is a good choice for groups and families as they organize many different kind of activities while the neighboring buri buri resort offers more luxury.

The most popular trip is a visit to the local mangyan tribe and their simple life offers a big contrast with the “luxury” resorts.

Other activities which you can do is hiking to different waterfalls, golfing, paintball, crossbow, and other quite soft adventures, atv ride and zipline. 

Bangka In and Out Puerto Galera Mindoro Philippines
Luca Italian Restaurant Mindoro Philippines
Talipanan Beach Mindoro Philippines