Taal lake - South of Manila Philippines

Lake Taal

A visit to Lake Taal is one of our most popular day tours from Manila, a freshwater Lake formed by eruptions between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago. Volcano Island, the location of Taal Volcano‘s historical eruptions and responsible for the lake’s water is a diluted form of sulfuric acid with a high concentration of boron, magnesium, aluminium and sodium in salt form. Its average depth measures 20 m. There is a crater lake on Volcano Island, known as the Yellow Lake or the Main Crater Lake, with it’s own small island, Vulcan Point. It’s actually a volcano within a lake within a volcano. Swimming is allowed in the lake

Aerial View Taal Volcano Philippines

Aerial View Taal Volcano Philippines

After arriving at Tagaytay Ridge soak in the spectacular views of Taal Volcano, Lake Taal and, in the distance, Mount Macolod. After crossing the lake, which takes about 30 min, we arrive in the village of Talisay. From here you can travel to the top of Volcano Island on horseback (extra payment) or you can walk with  the guide through the fine black volcano sand. It’s an easy walk for those in moderate health. In sunny weather it can get very hot because of the reflecting volcano sand and hat is recommended, as is sunscreen and a supply of water. During your trip up and down the mountain, you will be treated to a stunning view of the lake and its sorrounding. The tour can be extended (special request and additional  charge) by having dinner after the tour in one of the many different restaurants in Tagaytay of which Antonio’s restaurant is the most known.

Daily private tours to Taal Volcano can be booked  through our office by calling our landline  (+63) (0)5284507 or mobile (+63) (0) 917 886 43 83. You can also book online https://www.filipinotravel.com.ph/philippine-tours/manila-day-tours/taal-volcano-trek/

Pick up will be between 8 – 10 am from your home or hotel, returning at approximately 0330 pm – 0530 pm.