Why we are a Recommended, Good, and Trustworthy Agency?

Filipino Travel Center (FTC) is a thoroughly professional, experienced, travel agency established in 1998 and celebrating our 21st anniversary in 2019. We have successfully managed literally 10 thousands of tours and other travel services over the last 20 years for companies, quite a few Embassies, Emirates, groups, individual travelers and other travel agencies relying on our knowledge. It’s not without reason that we are mentioned in all guide books available about the Philippines.

FTC has no social media team searching for reviews, nor do we engage the service of paid professionals to create reviews. Only when we receive a spontaneous e-mail from our satisfied global customers we humbly ask if they would be willing to share their experience on TripAdvisor.

You may have noticed very few travel agencies are directly connected with tripadvisor and most create and select reviews themselves which make them look almost perfect. Please also keep in mind that travel agencies are depending on suppliers and negative review because of the negligence of a supplier would be unfortunate. We work with the best available suppliers around.

FTC fully supports Tripadvisor. We have recently found, however, that in our – thankfully rare – negative reviews, those posting them do not contextualize their comments or post criticisms without raising concerns with us first. A late refund due to technical issues, for example, does not make us a dishonest company.

We e.g. almost always have a backup driver on standby for our manila day and North Luzon tours so in almost every instance we will be able to quickly address unexpected concerns. Our tour coordinator, furthermore, is on call 24/7 for incident response. For more specific advantages of arranging your car rentals with us, see https://www.filipinotravel.com.ph/car-rental/

Our firm aim is to continue to be the leading travel agency in Manila for day tours from Manila and North Luzon tours and also customized (group) tours covering the entire Philippines. Our operational knowledge of the country, built up over 20 years, is unrivaled as can be seen from our blogs https://www.filipinotravel.com.ph/blog/ and knowledge of the accommodation as we visit most of them personally.https://www.filipinotravel.com.ph/hotels-resorts-philippines/

We would, therefore, appreciate, in the rare instances of our usually excellent customer service not meeting your expectations, you email FTC management at management@filipinotravel.com.ph here your concern will be immediately addressed.